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Sometimes not coping with pressure makes sense

Footy finals time and I am constantly impressed at how well professional athletes cope with the extreme pressure of the game. In addition to the high stakes nature of the competition, these athletes must also navigate daily stressors like constant scrutiny and expectations of perfection which are broadcast widely when not met. The Paul Gallen’s […]

Sleep your way to better health

Sleep your way to better health

How many of you have gone to bed, only to toss and turn for hours? Or struggled to get out of bed in the morning? Poor sleep is a common problem for many people and unfortunately, its detrimental effects upon the body and the mind can be huge. Here are a few tips to ensure […]

Mindfulness as a superpower

Sometimes I feel that mindfulness has taken on “fad” status, like an Atkins diet or cross fit training. It sounds like a silver bullet that will solve all of your mental health concerns, no matter what. My mum used to say “if it sounds too good to true, it probably is”. The thing is, there […]

Seeing versus believing

Our perception of reality can be easily distorted. Follow the instructions in the video to see that our focus dictates our perception .

Does Facebook make you happy?

Does Facebook make you happy?

I wake up and the first thing I do is check Facebook. I felt a mild sense of shame doing this. Like it’s not ok for this to be the first activity of the day. Part of my shame comes from the vaguely judgmental way that social media use is reported by newspapers, media commentators […]

The Willpower Challenge: How to Succeed with your New Years Resolution

The Willpower Challenge: How to Succeed with your New Years Resolution

Its that time of year again. Fat and unfit and returning to work not quite rested. Maybe you ate a little too much or partied a little too hard over the Christmas break. You haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks. You are highly motivated to atone for the sins of the silly season. […]

How much stress is “normal”?

Stress gets a bad rap. It seems to be linked to many major diseases as well as being a significant contributor to the onset of a mental illness. Yet stress is evitable. It is inescapable and in fact endeavours to avoid stress are likely to cause stress.   New research has found that stress in […]

The usual characters: communicating with difficult family members at Christmas

There are 9 days until Christmas. While I have 90% of the shopping done, there are aspects of Christmas day that I am not looking forward to. There is always that one family member at lunch who grinds my gears. Though it hasn’t always been the same agitator (different things bothered me at different ages) […]

The Body Scan

This longer exercise is deigned to build awareness of physical tension and to assist letting go.

Leaves on a Stream

This track introduces the idea of how to let go of your thoughts.