About us

“Whether your aim is to enhance performance or manage well-being in the work place, Mindset Abilities has the solution for you.”

Mindset Abilities is a Sydney based company that helps individuals and organisations to improve their mental health. All interventions are evidenced based best practice and work with people to improve practical skills.

Mindset Abilities is a multidisciplinary organization that brings together registered psychologists and health coaches with experience in counseling, in workplace psychology and training and in health and fitness. There is also a strong military influence with Mindset Abilities’ directors having over 20 years of Army Service between them.

Mindset Abilities has two categories of services: individual and workplace. Individual services include counseling and coaching, generally with a referral from a GP. Workplace solutions include EAP counseling and coaching, workplace training and other organizational solutions to mental health concerns.

Not sure what services you need? Give Mindset Abilities a call to discuss your specific requirements on (02) 9687 9776.