Psychology – Individual Therapy

We believe that we’re all different & at times it might be difficult to find the appropriate psychologist for your individual needs, hence we bulk-bill new clients with a valid Medicare Mental Health Care Plan (no gap fee).

To get a Mental Health Care Plan, you first need to visit your general practitioner (GP) and discuss your psychological concerns. After a GP assessment, they will be able to provide you with a referral (Mental Health Care Plan) to us.

The Mental Health Care Plan provides you with an initial six sessions. After your sixth session you will be required to re-visit your GP to attain an extra four sessions. Per calendar year you are able to access ten psychology sessions with a valid Mental Health Care Plan.

After you have attended ten sessions with a psychologist at Parramatta Psychology Clinic, you can either access sessions through your private health fund or pay privately to continue therapy.

At Parramatta Psychology Clinic, there may be times where you experience financial difficulty, you can therefore discuss your treatment plan and fee options with our  practice manager Jerusha, or your individual Psychologist.

What happens during a psychology session?

For those of you who have not visited a psychologist previously, you might feel a little nervous about attending your first session.

When you arrive at Parramatta Psychology Clinic for your first session, you will be required to complete a consent and intake form. The psychologist may also require you to complete some brief assessments.

During the first few therapy sessions the psychologist will be assessing your case on an individual basis to provide you with the most evidence-based solution.