Mindfulness Resources

Mindset Abilities delivers a variety of mindfulness-based training and counseling. Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention with curiosity and without judgment to our environment. There is so much information that you can pay attention to during any given moment; being mindful is about making choices of what you pay attention to.

Why is mindfulness important?

If we aren’t mindful of where our attention is we can lose contact with the present moment, so while our body might be in one place (e.g. cooking dinner) our mind is in another (back at the office). When was the last time you noticed that you were doing one thing but thinking about another? How did this impact on the task you were doing? (e.g. overcooked dinner, cant remember if I already added the spices). Learning to be mindful is not complicated but does take a willingness to experience things as they are.

Below are links to introductory mindfulness exercises which are based on both Kabat Zinn’s approach to meditation (known as mindfulness based stress reduction or MBSR) and Russ Harris’s mindfulness exercises.

1. Introduction to Mindfulness: This track provides an overview of mindfulness with some helpful attitudes that will enhance skill development.


2. Mindful Breathing: This track talks you through how to practice mindfulness of your breathing.


3. Mindful Breathing (short): this track is a shorter introduction to mindful breathing based on Russ Harris’s approach.


4. The White Room: this track talks you through being mindful of your thinking.


5. Leaves on a Stream: this track introduces the idea of how to let go of your thoughts.


6. The Body Scan: this longer exercise is deigned to build awareness of physical tension and to assist letting go.