Court Reports

The Parramatta Psychology Clinic is able to provide psychological assessment, treatment and reporting for local and district courts. There are two types of reports that we can provide a client for court:

Counselling or Treatment Progress Report

This can be provided to advise the court that an individual has genuinely engaged in treatment to address the mental illness or mental health concerns that contributed to an offence being committed. This would only be provided after the individual participated in an episode of care for that mental illness (typically 6 sessions).

The cost for treatment at the Parramatta Psychology Clinic is $150 per treatment session while the report would cost $300.  If the individual is eligible to obtain a mental health treatment plan from their GP, they can receive a rebate for the treatment session. The report is not eligible for a rebate.

Expert Witness Report or Psychological Assessment Report

This is an objective assessment of the bio-psycho-social factors that impacted on an offence being committed, the mental health of the offender since the offence and can identify any mitigating factors that the court might consider in sentencing. This also allows the magistrate/judge to understand the person and the “why” of the offence. The report might also make recommendations for treatment options that may reduce future offending behaviour.

This assessment could involve psychometric testing as well as a full clinical interview that can take up to 3 hours to conduct. The psychologist may also speak with the individual’s solicitor and family as appropriate.
Our reports are provided after we have seen the client at least 3 times ($100 per session) and the cost of the report will be $1,350 + GST.