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Why All Friends Come With Benefits

Why All Friends Come With Benefits

Human are social beings. From the first Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, man has lived in groups, partly because it’s safer and resources can be pooled, but mostly because we crave the company of others. Research through the years has shown good social support – or even just thinking you have good social support – is a […]

Blue’s Clues: Recognising Depression

Everyone has days when they feel a little blue. Feelings of sadness or grief when tough times hit is a normal part of being human, and most people pick themselves back up soon enough. But for some people, the negative feelings persist, past the point of a healthy emotional experience. These feelings may start to […]

Beating Exam Stress: Doing better in Semester 2

Beating Exam Stress: Doing better in Semester 2

Semester 2 starts this week. Silly season, its sometimes called. The pain of last semester’s exams is far behind you and there are ages before you have to think about exams again. Unfortunately, this reduces the motivation to be proactive about preparing for exams, leading to final exam stress. Research suggests that university students undergoing final […]

Working Out Works Wonders For Your Mind

We all know the importance of physical exercise in maintaining overall health. But what about its effects on our mental health? Have you ever heard of the “feel good” effect of physical exercise, or perhaps a “runner’s high”? It turns out there’s scientific evidence to back this up. Physical exercise has been shown to increase […]


More and more mindfulness is considered by health scientists to be a health “no brainer” like brushing your teeth and exercising. Mindfulness has been shown to improve a range of health and wellbeing markers ,from being better able to regulate your mood to reducing actual levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the blood. So, what […]

Better Mental Health: ANXIETY

Have you ever felt queasy, felt your heart-rate escalate, hands sweat or start to shake, when you think of something? This is what anxiety can feel like and is something that most people experience daily. In fact, over 2 million Australians feel anxious on most days every year. Anxiety is a normal and natural emotion. […]

Time to check in: How is your mental health?

Being in business takes a toll. The pursuit of success also requires a level of sacrifice, whether that be time lost with family and friends, less time at the gym, even the simplicity of time off work. If you are in a leadership, management or business role, it is unlikely that you took sick leave […]


Whether you say something or nothing, you communicate. It is an automatic, unconscious and is a vital aspect of our lives. We communicate all day every day whether we intend to or not. It’s inevitable that occasionally, we get it wrong and we have conflict. While research suggests that having healthy relationships improve wellbeing, conflict […]

Social Anxiety

I have a friend called Kate, who worries constantly about creating a negative impression. In fact, I think it’s a bit deeper than that; she worries about upsetting others to the point that it’s crippling. Kate called me one day for reassurance that the text that she wrote to mutual friend was not unintentionally offensive, […]

Recognising Anxiety Symptoms

Imagine you are on your way to a job interview. It’s your dream job and you have given yourself plenty of time to get there. You turn out of your street and traffic is immediately at a standstill. It takes 12 minutes to travel 3 blocks and you realise you are going to be late. […]