Takirah Cummins


Takirah is our HR & Recruitment for Logic Lounge. Currently working full time, she manages the administration team at our Parramatta clinic. She has completed her Certificate III in Business and is undertaking a Diploma in Human Resources. Takirah is always willing to help with any inquiries you might have.

Aura Requimen


Aura is the admin assistant in Parramatta in charge of their bookkeeping and accounts. Having been at the clinic for 5 years, she provides information to the directors to assist them with business developments. Aura is always happy to help you and her team.

Aura completed her twelve-month traineeship at the clinic for a Certificate III in Business Administration in 2017. She is currently studying a double degree in IT and Linguistics at university.

Scarlett Williamson


Scarlett is our Admin at the Parramatta Clinic. She handles Many of the admin tasks, from booking appointments and taking calls. She is currently under taking a full time business traineeship. Scarlett is always happy to help with any inquires you may have.

Stuart Fairhurst


Stuart handles the Sales and Marketing for Logic Lounge. Current based at our Parramatta clinic, he is undertaking a full-time business traineeship. He would be more than happy to assist you with any marketing-related enquiries that you may have.